Monday, August 11, 2008


Sailing through the sky,
soaring up so high.
I sail across the tops of trees
In the direction I please.
A different view,
from the sky so blue.
A bridge of asstd colour,
drama, spectacular.
I look down below,
to a land I know.
Roof tops I have passed,
I'm going so fast.
I touch a cloud,
I shout out loud.
Such joy to float and sail,
the fresh air to inhale.
I sail through the wind,
to where am I destined?
I choose the direction,
with no restriction.
Free, free as a bird,
SAIL, SAIL is the word.
SAIL is the theme,
freedom my dream


soulbrush said...

wow, this is so dynamic, makes me think of noah's ark, don't know why. hugs.

INDIGENE said...

Beautiful colors and very striking! Wonderful illustration.

studio lolo said...

I love the perspective of this and the inclusion of a rainbow. Very magical!

A said...

Liked this one a lot!

Solvere volo said...

Nice poem and great drawing!

kslaughter said...

Beautiful picture and lovely poem!

Thanks for your kind words on my post;).

midge said...

great work