Monday, February 18, 2008


Sir Isaac Newton's theory of gravity and the falling apple. Newtons Gravitational theory was not inspired by a falling apple. The story is seen as a myth but one that is easily recalled of Newton sitting under an apple tree contemplating the universe when an apple fell on his head.

I had already begun to experiment with painting in photo shop directly using the graphics tablet. Originally the tree and hidden face for another assignment. It was during this I thought it would be an abstract concept to add the apples and use it for IF and the topic of theory. I reckon I could keep working on the tree but this was my first attempt at just using the graphics tablet without scanning a pre drawn picture.
I am keen to experiment some more. However college has recommenced and my spare IF time may have to be a little more spasmodic.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


When faced with this kind of dilemma it is so easy to make the wrong choice. So many you like and would like to have. So difficult to choose the right one. This little girl "Louisa Daisy Dawn" is trying to choose a cake. She likes the ones with a cherry on top, but she also likes the fairy cakes, mmmm and the icing on the others is very tempting. But Louisa Daisy Dawn can only have one from the cake shop today. Which one should she choose?

Sunday, February 3, 2008


When I was a child, beds had blankets. The amount of blankets always depended on the season. Growing up in England, a cold icy winter night would warrant two to three blankets with a large eiderdown placed on top. I still love a blanket but they tend to be the ones used as colourful throws over the settee or taken on a picnic. This picture I did last year "childhood imagination at bed time". A quick sketch done with "copic" pens.