Sunday, February 10, 2008


When faced with this kind of dilemma it is so easy to make the wrong choice. So many you like and would like to have. So difficult to choose the right one. This little girl "Louisa Daisy Dawn" is trying to choose a cake. She likes the ones with a cherry on top, but she also likes the fairy cakes, mmmm and the icing on the others is very tempting. But Louisa Daisy Dawn can only have one from the cake shop today. Which one should she choose?


Anonymous said...

Loved the Picture reminds us of the Shop on the corner years ago, Bull's Eyes in the Glass a nice touch!


Forever Young said...

yum yum choose the biggest one.

carla said...

Yes... the biggest one! But, oh how I wish there were a chocolate cupcake. Then there would be no dilemma for me:> I like how she's going cross-eyed trying to decide.