Friday, August 29, 2008


I was on memory road when I pulled out my sketch of a grandparent doing the washing for the theme of "routine". So when I saw the theme for this Friday of "memories" I was tickled pink. Many of my comments from routine had stirred some memories, some very heart felt, thanks for them. This group of houses is where I grew up. My childhood memories back in the UK. I drew this with the copic markers, I love using them. I drew this from memory and enjoyed every moment of reminiscing that went with it. Of course It doesn't look quite like this now, this is my child memory. Thats me out the front on the path with a friend. You remember the days when children played in the street unsupervised. I'd push my dolls pram with my dolls up and down the path for hours. Dressing up in mums old stilleto heels was always fun, along with a few other dress ups. Clop, clop I'd go all the way to the top of the road. I was only allowed to go as far as Mrs. Jones' and then gradually I was allowed all the way to top, but not across the road. Oh the memories of being a child living in that street. I ended up drawing a whole series of houses from my child hood and adult memory of living in UK. I put them in my journal as my life stages, my grandparents home, my first home when married, the next house and then finally here emigrated to Australia. Enjoy your own memories

Monday, August 25, 2008


I decided to look through my journal to see if I had any pictures that would fit the theme. I drew this picture back in May. Using pencil I sketched away with no real thought about what the picture would be. I often sit late at night after the routine chores are done and tv chatting away to itself, happily drawing. This was one of many that often don't see any daylight once the book is shut. I sketched this as I reminisced the washing lines and the grandparents when I was a young girl in the UK. The Monday wash day. That was the routine. Sunday was the family roast dinner, Monday the cold meat and mash because the women folk were doing the washing. Washing all by hand or boiling in the copper pot and then wringing through the mangle before having the good old blow in the windy weather.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I had a ball with this theme. I didn't know what I was going to post. Then at College the other night I started doodling. I felt detached. I decided to do a "self portrait" and detach myself from how I would perceive to draw a face. So here I am. I drew this in black ink in my journal and then have had to find some time to detach from assignments and work to play in photoshop and colour. I detached myself from the olympics soccer tonight, watched a little table tennis, cooked dinner. Time to attach myself back to the family. Thanks everyone for all the comments I have been getting, much appreciated.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Sailing through the sky,
soaring up so high.
I sail across the tops of trees
In the direction I please.
A different view,
from the sky so blue.
A bridge of asstd colour,
drama, spectacular.
I look down below,
to a land I know.
Roof tops I have passed,
I'm going so fast.
I touch a cloud,
I shout out loud.
Such joy to float and sail,
the fresh air to inhale.
I sail through the wind,
to where am I destined?
I choose the direction,
with no restriction.
Free, free as a bird,
SAIL, SAIL is the word.
SAIL is the theme,
freedom my dream

Saturday, August 2, 2008


This was a fun topic and as I had some extra time decided to play with my thoughts of "Poof"! hope you enjoy. I started to experiment with different colours of acrylic using the palette knife, and was amused at how I could make an abstract appear and disappear, "POOF"! I had the camera with me for another painting I am doing and it came to me to put the video on for a laugh while I was experimenting. Amateurish I know but I enjoyed putting it together for my blog spot. Thanks to everyone for the comments, they inspire me to keep coming back.