Monday, April 6, 2009

The Evil Eye

I doodled eyes, many eyes over the last few nights. I drew without much thought about what I wanted to draw, but I was doodling happily. Today I thought maybe I could look at the IF illustration theme for Talisman. Whooah all those eyes, I thought of how I needed a talisman to ward them all away. How the superstition and belief that to be looked at with the evil eye (to be looked at with envy, a stare) had the power to injure others. Many different cultures have differing understanding of the "evil eye" or the "lucky eye" . Below is an amulet of the Hasma Hand (taken from wikipedia) The hand contains the eye motif that wards off the evil eye. Many objects can be seen to have an image of an eye on them to ward off this believed phenomenon.

The Hamsa Hand


The Tree of life
The fabric of life.