Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have just done this very quick doodle. I had already done an image for climbing "the koala" but the last few days the temperature has been climbing and climbing. It is getting and is so "HOT"
This is the third day down under in Melbourne the temps have climbed to 40++. I am melting. My lemon tree is dropping cooked lemons, so I have just been out in the heat trying to pick and save as many as possible. The vegie patch alas cannot survive, burnt to a crisp in the searing heat. Hence my doodle for doodle a day. I have also added the photo of a koala that visited our garden one day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Graphite pencil sketch as done into my journal

watercolour on watercolour paper

copic marker pens on bleed proof paper,

pastel pencils on cream coloured pastel paper.

Today is the last day of a weeks holiday and tomorrow I return to work. This means even less time to spend with my passion of drawing and creating, so today I think I was carried away with wanting to try out some experiments in case I don't get a chance in the next few weeks.

I began by sketching a koala climbing a gum tree, then another koala and
more gum trees. I wanted to try out some colour but not mess up my original drawing so I photocopied my pencilled drawing onto 3 different papers. watercolour paper, bleed proof paper 70gsm, and pastel paper. Then decided to just let rip with the colour and not get too precious, just create.

I have put all the pictures up for blog visitors to look at. I am not sure which I prefer, I had fun with the pastel this time, enjoyed the water colour, and always interesting with the texta marker pens. They are all only small sketches on A4 size paper. I prefer working with acrylic on canvas when I do use colour but those pictures take me a lot longer.

Thought I would share with you a Koala in the gum trees. I am fortunate that my family and I live in a house surrounded by many gum trees and from time to time a Koala will visit, they are hard to spot. If I get chance I will look through my photos and post a photo of a koala in our garden.
Our recent family visitor hoped to see a Koala in our garden and all he got to see was the photo and a video we took. I hope he sees this blog as I am thinking of him.

Monday, January 19, 2009


PALE - I took a little while, and some trial,
to decide on an image, that I could envisage
a picture of pale, my mind stale.
I penciled away, come what may
a pale cup of tea, a pale sea,
what can I draw, some pale straw?
lines and scribble, as I quibble
what shall it be, what do I see.
something white, an idea ignite.
A pale faced clown, with a slight frown,
pales behind a mask, begins his task.
A clown and a story?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Thought I'd have a play with some pastels, they are not my favourite medium and I am still experimenting. I find them a bit messy and don't do what I want them to do. So much for the word contained, the pastels were very hard to contain, I am thinking about some tuition in this as I see some wondrous work done with pastels and am at a loss of how to control this medium. As for the depiction. It is of course a heart, many hearts. I copied it ready to post and then couldn't help myself and decided to copy many together and place in a pattern. The meaning for the word contained in this image, all the emotions that are always described as being in the heart, contained not shown, and with valentines day coming up its time to let those feelings out.....

Friday, January 2, 2009


I drew this toward the end of last year into my journal and felt it apt for this word "resolve". As part of my study in the diploma of Art Therapy a journal is an important part of the journey, it still remains an important part of my creative journey and I continue to add to it every evening and spare moment, especially when an image just pops into my head. The drawing above was a depiction of my resolve not to go down the gurgler!! There was a lot of pressure to get all assignments, projects, journals, practicums etc all finished completed and qualify for the diploma. That's not to mention working full time, managing a family, a home and still have some fun to keep creative. I didnt go down the gurgler, but was amused when flicking through my many pages to find this one above and reflect on how I felt at the time. For 2009 I have many aspirations but not nearly enough time to get them all going. Just enjoying the remainder of christmas holidays before returning to work. The last few days I actually finished some paintings that I have had on a go slow all during 2008, that has given me some satisfaction and I hope I can find time to do more of this before I recommence with more studies. No I am not going to go down the gurgler........