Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have just done this very quick doodle. I had already done an image for climbing "the koala" but the last few days the temperature has been climbing and climbing. It is getting and is so "HOT"
This is the third day down under in Melbourne the temps have climbed to 40++. I am melting. My lemon tree is dropping cooked lemons, so I have just been out in the heat trying to pick and save as many as possible. The vegie patch alas cannot survive, burnt to a crisp in the searing heat. Hence my doodle for doodle a day. I have also added the photo of a koala that visited our garden one day.


matt dawson said...

Love your new take on the IF topic... sounds like you could also do that same image for "rocketing" ...! Sure doesn't sound like a barrel of laughs in that heat! Wish I had Kolas in my garden though :) Many thanks for the comments on my blog... hadn't thought of the relationship between the images but love your suggestion... maybe have to work on that in a dry spell!

yoon see said...

Cute piture:)
Happy Weekend static pencil!!!
Hope you have some good free time to do your drawings ^ ^

Bobo said...

The koala is so cute, I wish I could see a real one!
Hope everything is going fine, best regards!