Monday, February 16, 2009


For St Valentines day also our wedding anniversary we had a day full of celebrations. The main event however for celebration was where we went for that day ST Valentines. Day The Thin green line music event held locally. You can follow the link at the side of my page, you will see it there in green. This day was celebrating the work done around the world by rangers. The picture above a collage postcard done by myself and husband as an initiative to send to rangers around the world, the green band with a message. When they receive these postcards it will be posted onto their website. The picture below shows the many other people at the festival celebrating the great work being done and sharing their thoughts across the world.

Extra celebration as 50% of the profits of this event were being sent to aid the victims of the bush fires in Victoria that have claimed so many lives and left so many homeless. Also the opportunity to celebrate the courage of fellow Australians in some horrendous situations. The weather and conditions here in Victoria have been extreme, and it is a true celebration of all people the work done to care for others, humans, animals and the planet.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I loved doodling the theme of flawed and trying to come up with an idea. I like to keep myself from looking at any IF illustrations posted until I have done mine, that way I don't feel influenced. I am always amazed at how quickly everyone is able to get an image together and posted.
My image is a simpe ink drawing of the "flawed world" How there is no such thing as being perfect and flawless. The current global economic situation leaves us all hanging on. All trying to do our bit to keep the world intact, sustainable. To keep the world there for our children. I would have loved to spend more time on making this into an acrylic painting, maybe one day in the future. Not the time at present, hence a quick simple sketch. Thanks to everyone stopping by catch you all next time or hopefully I have managed to visit your blog this week.