Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Not always time to put paper and pencil together, I get swamped by all the other chores and activities.  Art is my health and well being time for me and I am making every effort to allow half an hour a night to concentrate on this creative outlet.  Using the word as a theme and depicting whatever comes up just by associations, I am intrigued by my own process as it grew.  I allow the pen and paper to meet and allow the process to happen.  Looking afterwards at my image I had an ''aha'' moment.  For me this presented the feeling of how all sensations around can begin to swamp the person ''me''.  I am there in amongst the growth of whatever it is that is swamping me.  I have a look on my face that tells me I can choose where I want to be.  This was at the beginning of the week and have since stepped out of my swamp and been embracing my pastel images that I am building a collection on. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is a pen and ink in my journal for the theme of Yield.  It has been hard going this year to give myself some creative time.  Static pencil needs to get going again.  I am busy in the community running groups and teaching.  It has been good this year to get myself back into the creative groove just for me.  I will endeavour to add items from time to time. This piece is a little rushed.  I quite like how it evolved. I had no plan, just doodling while watching the tv the other night.  What do you think? dare I ask?