Saturday, October 17, 2009


I drew this in my journal last night, considering the word frozen. It was suggested to me that the our computer keeps getting frozen. It does. Pretty annoying when the arrow freezes and nothing works and all has to be turned off. Mostly freezes when using the internet. The modem not working properly or the server has dropped out. Weather here in Australia is moving away from being frozen, however, with Christmas coming we always have snow on the cards, snowflakes, Robins, etc. I also have been designing some cards with snowflakes. I have come up with a doodle of some icicles all together for this post, hope you like them. I was in my "Mandala"journal, hence the circle. This reminds me, I will eventually get a blog up for mandala's only, just been getting a little bit too busy this end. My website is up and running too, all exciting and busy. Thanks everyone for popping by and visiting and all the lovely comments.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I was looking through my journal and came across a rough sketch I did inspired by a dream of my husbands. He had woken and told me about how two owls had picked up a koala out of a tree and flown away with him. We had a laugh and I had this image pop in my head, drew it rough and forgot all about it. When I saw the theme of IF "Flying", I recalled this fun sketch and decided to draw it out in illustrator and colour in photoshop. I'd written in my journal and share. The inspiration from the dream was "flying forward". I really enjoyed playing with this today, and all those other chores I had to do, ooops, they got left.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I know this isn't very glamorous but it is amazing how many germs we sneeze and cough out everyday. Especially over our computer keyboards and desks. In fact 20,000 germs per square inch. 400 times more germs than found in the toilet. Not nice eh!
Go to
and find some more facts.
I reckon a nice pattern of germs would have been a nice take. mmm maybe if I get chance I will splash some paint around and make germs into something artistically interesting

Today the clocks went forward 1 hour and the day is going fast. The sun is shining, a beautiful day, marks Spring and the coming Summer for us Australians. I love this time of year, it inspires to be being busy, planting the vegies, cleaning up and preparing and planning ahead for christmas holidays. In the process of designing some christmas cards to send across the miles, I always leave it to the last minute so trying to get organised now.