Sunday, January 23, 2011


I love looking at the theme for ''Illustration Friday''. Sometimes I am not inspired to make an image, sometimes the week has been too busy. It is a challenge to come up with something in between the hustle and bustle of daily life. That made me think about how dusty the house gets this time of year. All the pollen from the summer weather, the grass and dust coming through open windows. Then at the end of a week finding time to get cleaning and keep all that dust at bay. I used pastel to conjure up a dusty atmosphere, it is very dusty in this picture. Maybe I am feeling guilty that this weekend I didn't do any dusting.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I loved the theme of Chicken - I thought for this IF submission I would do something completely different. So here goes with digital medium. I love the colours if I do say so myself. This Bantam chicken now lives all alone. Has mothered many baby chicks over time and is 7 years old. She is quite a character and part of our family. After losing her friends to foxes or cats we take great care of this one.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


It is the New Year - & Blogging again for 2011
With as always at the beginning of each year a change to my blogging page design - cos I can and its fun. BUT if you are having Deja Vu, even seeing double that's because you are & seeing again "lil ole me" who is the same lil ole me".
My self portrait as posted ages ago
the one you see every time I post a blog and you come and visit me or the image you see when I come and visit you when we all share images for ''Illustration Friday''.
havn't I been here & there before???

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Oil Painting - Not finished - My resolution has to be to finish this painting.
As part of my studying a visual arts course during 2010 this is one of 8 oil paintings for assessment. Fortunately it was taken to 6. I had not used oil paints before. I loved using them but found they didn't really love me and made me feel quite sick, even using odourless solvents. This piece I didn't finish although I did submit for final assessment. I now have to push myself to finish this before I commence with something new. Albeit the paintings will not be in oils. hence a dilemma in getting this finished or not... I felt the person sitting looking out across the fields reflected my resolve. Gazing across to the horizon wondering what 2011 will bring. I know I have a jam packed full year ahead again. I will try so hard to keep my creative blog/blogs going. So to all the fellow bloggers. Happy New Year. all the best for 2011 as we try to juggle our creativity, health and well being along side working hard.