Sunday, March 28, 2010


My simple portrayal of Rescue

I have had an ''illustration Friday'' break for a little while. For all those blogging friends I have not visited for a while, I hope to catch up with all your blogs over the next few weeks. The above are just pencil doodles and I aim to use my ''Static Pencil'' blog spot for simple pencil doodles. I usually do these at night, when all is done and time to sit and relax. Static Pencil blog spot was all about the fact my pencil had not been used for ages and then back in 2006 I made time to pursue my art again. The use of the blogspot with IF was a true motivator and I have had fun ever since. Then this last few months the pencil became static again. I realised I was trying too hard to put something out there and the space was for me to just express a thought and feeling to reflect the word/theme offered. So I am back again with just my simple thoughts as the word at the time inspires. I will endeavour to do more with my other blog and may add another, so if interested watch out for them.