Monday, December 31, 2007


This topic I instantly was reminded of children watching a kite soar into the sky on a windy day. I havn't quite captured what I had in my mind but this was my experiment with water colour. I wondered if to try again but decided to put this in and see what you all thought. It's a bit difficult to concentrate as the temperature is SOARING very apt for the theme of soar. Here in Melbourne on New Years Eve the temps have hit 42C and will be a hot night and another hot day tomorrow. Fireworks are now allowed in the city tonight (total fire ban day), but a special occasion as we soar into 2008 down under. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Over the horizon there is always a perception of something of interest. This painting I have just recently finished was inspired by my intrigue of the unknown over the top of the hill. I have only just recently been dabbling in painting scenes. This is in acrylics using brush and palette knife. I like slapping it on with the knife and spreading the paint. Only just beginning to experiment with colours other than what I see. The grass area I have steered away from painting in greens. Wasn't quite adventurous enough for some purples that I fancied, maybe next time. Who knows what is over the next horizon!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Backwards Spiraling out of control. Going backwards. I loved this concept but didn't seem to be able to move forward past my rough sketch in my journal at the beginning of the week. I realised I was probably feeling like I was going backwards. I hadn't even managed the last IF and this time cutting it real fine. Bu yay! here I am. did you miss me? I am so inspired by all the illustrators work on IF, its fantastic. I must work out how to leave messages to other artists out there with a little more confidence. I am now trying to move forwards and not backwards. Enjoying some holiday leading up to Christmas and managing to get lots of painting done. BLISS. Christmas cheer to all that read my blog.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Christmas time is nearly hear,
people spending wildly I fear.
Buying presents to great excess,
when really we can cope with less.
To give has great pleasure and joy,
but just one present just one toy.
Then there is enough to share,
and we can all love and care.
Christmas can be all things in excess,
a time of kindness and love to express.
Spreading cheer and good will,
I have Christmas stockings to fill.