Monday, April 28, 2008


Ravages of time, gravity, soft skin in layers fold and fall. I have noticed a lot of wrinkles on people and amazed at how we are all so different yet so alike. We all get wrinkly as we get old a fact of life. A few people I have noticed however have very puffy fully pouched pockets and folds of skin under their eyes and on their cheeks. wrinkled, lined faces hold so much information, history, a life. I wonder what this portraiture conjures, now thats something for me to go and further reflect on, I can sense a story waiting to be told. Lets call this lady, yes lady, lets call her Miss Ochrist. And once upon a time?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A bridge - may not seem that primitive. however this bridge is ancient, entwined together like a labyrinth across the gorge. It has taken many many years to form the roots of the tree growing across and joining two sides together. As part of my current studies that are taking up a fair bit of time this is an example of using art through counselling. This theme of life stages and drawing your own bridge. I think I might put this word into IF so look out for it... should be fun.. or if it doesn't get there just play with the theme of a bridge.