Saturday, April 2, 2011


Two girls singing a duet. Until now and posting this I hadn't even considered what they may be singing. I have been very aware that time is passing in 2011 and my endeavours to blog regularly are not being met. My journey in life continues to be one of varied directions that even I cannot keep up with. Last night I was determined to doodle, sketch a duet. I always believe in a "don't think mind" approach to creating an image of a theme, a thought or an emotion. So much comes from the unconscious if you just let the pen happen. So it is only now this morning when I post my duet I look at what I created. I ask myself who they are? what they might be singing? one looks a little sad too, or thoughtful. What do you think they could be singing? I am going to have a think about this, maybe anyone passing by would like to suggest what they think.

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