Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This really is a very quick sketch for IF this week. I would love to spend some time working on this character, maybe a later date I will come back to it. I had this idea of a hound sniffing out some shoe prints or similar.
This week one of my paintings has been accepted into an exhibition and this will be the first time I have put a price on one (be awesome if it sells). I have just finished a commission of a child portrait but this was a friendly barter and I await a beautiful painting of the mothers emotional expression at the receipt of my painting of her son in return.
Thanks to all those that drop by. I may have confused some people the other week by posting on my mandala blogspot instead of static pencil. Love all your comments very inspiring.


Owl Eng said...

it is incredibly beautiful sketch! the strokes, the shading, the value... are really great!!! can't wait to seeing the next one ;)

and, congrats on your painting accepted into exhibition! want to see more of your post on that exhibition too

Gai said...

Thanks Owl Eng for visiting. The exhibition is this week, I will put up some info about it later. Opening night this Thursday, can't wait to see others contributions.