Sunday, July 13, 2008


I loved the theme this week for IF - Foggy - its been foggy a fair bit with the wintry weather here in Australia Victoria. Very cold this last week. I love the fog and mist that settles in the trees and decided to experiment with acrylics this time. I had some sample pots cheap from the local paint shop, a pale green and grey and they make great fog.. I painted this on A2 painting card for acrylics using brush and palette knife and enjoyed a chilly Sunday in my studio painting. comments on this are most welcome.


Bella Sinclair said...

This is hauntingly beautiful. You should definitely do more acrylics, because this is wonderful!

You lucky girl. I wish I had studied Art Therapy!

sandra said...

Beautiful! I remember days like them. You have got it just right.

Ellen Byrne said...

Very, very nice piece!

Larry Lee said...

Great work. That's a nice fog you have there.

P.S. Thanks for the visit and comment.

Laura Marsh said...

Eldritch and beautiful. Good work.