Saturday, May 24, 2008


The Worried Runner
It is a worry when faced with a challenge. The worry of being able to complete the course, the worry of keeping up with the other runners, the worry of coming in last. Hey! no more worrying just go run.

Its been a worry that I have been so busy not to participate in a theme on IF, a worry that I quickly threw this picture together. Now no more worry. As they say down under here "No worries mate, She'll be right".

In this quick sketch I used coloured pencils and then washed it in with a wet brush, fine line with black ink and a texta to give shade, my experiment.


Connie said...

I enlarged this an see that your experiment works well! The depth of colour in the shirt is wonderful and the expression says it all. Go run!

indigene said...

This is a wonderful illustration! I worry about running, too! Except, mine is more of "when are you going to just do it?" :) Great job!

neil said...

The look of worry is certainly dominating this poor characters face and is very well captured. I often worry that I may have to run for a bus, thats the full extent of my running worries. Very well drawn, keep up the good work.